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Thank You Board Members!

“Twin Cities Development’s economic development work would not happen without the partnerships of the City of Gering, Scotts Bluff County, Terrytown, Bayard, the 145 business members of the organization. Also we appreciate the efforts and opportunities to partner with all the Platte Valley communities and the entire Western Nebraska region. We especially thank the City of Gering and Scotts Bluff County for their continued major financial commitment to support the four core economic development principles of TCD.

TCD will continue to work in all areas of economic development including marketing for lead generation, workforce housing and workforce development, and entrepreneurship. Also, special emphasis will bemade in business retention, membership communications, and our priority is to fully engage our community in economic development.

Workforce development will continue to be a high priority focus for the organization with career fairs,, and developingrelationships with our community colleges and universities in bringing graduates to our area.”

Jim Kerr, President

Appreciation Awards

Jim Kerr, 2018-2019 President, presented Karen Palm with a commemorative gift from the Board, staff, and members of TCD as a token of appreciation for her (2017-2018) term as president.

Economic development requires partnerships and coordination. TCD has partnered on site and buildingdevelopment, workforce housing, and development of our workforce.  TCD has worked on updating our website,extending our social media presence, marketing the industrial park, andworkforce housing.


Jim Kerr, 2018-2019 President, presented Vinc Aulick anaward for completing a second three-year term on the Board

You always want your boardmembers to be engaged in the work of the organization. Vinc came to the meetingprepared and always added great insight and questions to the business discussionof the meetings. Vinc’s leadership will definitely be missed on the Board.  


Karen Palm has completed her term as TCD President. JimKerr is elected as the 2018-2019 President. The 2018 and 2019 officers include Dr. Kim Kuster Dale, PhD as Secretary and Todd Lewis, Bytes Computer, as Treasurer.  Kelly Strey, B & C Steel, joins the Board of Directors to replace Vinc Aulick as Vinc has decided to retire from the Board of Directors. The additional board members remain the same.


Workforce Housing

Students   3 4.8%
Workforce   11 17.7%
Transfer from Outside Area   7 11.3%
Short-Term or Contractors   5 8.1%
Interns   8 12.9%
Retired/Disabled   16 25.8%
Vacant   12 19.4%
TOTAL   62 100%
Corporate Clients   4 25%
Workforce   3 19%
Transfer from Outside Area   4 25%
Students   3 19%
Vacant   2 12%
TOTAL   16 100%






TCD eKitchen

TCD is working to complete the eKitchen located at Northfield Apartments. TCD was very fortunate to receive a Rural Development Grant from the USDA. Marla Marx was instrumental in TCD working through the grant. The TCD eKitchen will have two full kitchen work stations for food entrepreneurs who want to develop their recipes, have taste testing, work on food production for commercial packaging,etc. The eKitchen is still under construction and hopefully complete early in 2019.

TCD eCenter

TCD eCenter has had some changes moving to the back section of the south half of the Broadway Suites office building. We have seven entrepreneur offices, a networking center, and small and large conference rooms. We would like your assistance if you know of anyone needing business start-up space for their business.

One-stop Business Coaching: TCD has had over 40 existing and new businesses projects contact us over the past year. We provide them guidance on their business planning by our very talented business coaching team from REAP, PADD, NBDC, and USDA Rural Development.

Learn more about the eCenter here.

Available Properties

Naming of Certified Site: Third party review of industrial sites for due diligence that it is a qualified site for zoning, Phase I Environmental Review, infrastructure, rail access, highway access, and other critical site details. Market industrial park as a certified site.  

Infrastructure and utilities are critical to locating sites and buildings to compete in economic development. The Gering industrial site is outstanding and we can compete with that site. We have great private buildings available as well. PaulReed and Joe Schon each have great buildings that we are marketing and have used in our RFP’s.

TCD will continue to work with the City of Gering on having their economic development site certified for target industry marketing. Having a certified site is important because the prospect understands that the community has completed all the due diligence on a site and is ready for customizing a site and building for a project. It speeds up the implementation process.

LOIS Property Marketing

The powerful LOIS GIS sites and buildings database tool was created by Economic Development Professionals for Economic Development Professionals. LOIS is based on full compliance with the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Site Selection Data Guidelines. LOIS meets the needs of site selectors and real estate consultants.

Site selectors and real estate consultants are 98% more likely to search for property and community data online. For this reason, Twin Cities Development has incorporated this powerful site selection tool into the website.
Gering Industrial Site – Drone Video

Key elements to the Site include:

  • The utility infrastructure is already at the site including new power substation, water and waste water mains, and natural gas.
  • Four-lane highway access is less than a quarter mile from the site.
  • Union Pacific rail access is at the site.
  • Ideal site for manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and logistics, and food processing.


Four Core Economic Development Principles

  • Lead Generation/Recruitment

  • Workforce Development &Workforce Housing
  • Membership & Business Retention

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-ups

Small Business Update

“TCD is the lead agency for the City of Gering for any request for LB 840 funds. We, as the City of Gering and TCD, were successful in 3 local business expansions in Gering. We worked with at least 3 other businesses or potential businesses for these funds and they started the process but decided not to start their business.”