Business Retention and Expansion Program

Nebraska’s Business Retention and Expansion Program drives the economic development efforts in Nebraska. Personal interviews with existing businesses provide important information on the local and state business climate. At the state level, data on investments, technology, jobs, markets, and workforce is used to shape economic development policy and programs. At the local level, Twin Cities Development conducts the interviews to assist with business planning, identify expansion possibilities, assess current business challenges, and determine the local economic climate.

The program’s three-fold purpose is to:
  1. Identify key advantages and challenges to growth for existing businesses.
  2. Recommend improvement strategies for businesses, educators, and economic development professionals.
  3. Promote a platform for economic development professionals to record perceptions of business executives about the business climate.

Overall, the program assists with long-term planning, including identifying common issues and trends, strategic planning, and policy articulation. Economic developers use the data to enhance supply chains, evaluate current legislation, and actively gauge communities’ current status and levels of competitiveness.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in participating in the Business Retention and Expansion Program through Twin Cities Development. There is no cost to you or your business for this service.