Scottsbluff Public Schools

Scottsbluff Public Schools emphasize clearly articulated and aligned curricula that carry high expectations for all students, in all schools, in all classrooms. Learning Guides drive our teachers’ instructional planning and are easily accessed on our website so parents can see what students are learning. Rigorous secondary course offerings extend an outstanding early childhood and elementary school foundation. Important examples include honors course designations and accelerated coursework at the middle school as well as Advanced Placement, College Level (dual) Credit, and expansive elective programming at the high school. SHS has a rich and consistent history of National Merit Scholars and graduates who regularly attend the top, most exclusive universities around the country.

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, all students have opportunities to participate in a remarkably deep and broad fine arts program in SBPS. One area of particular pride is music. Students thrive in a multitude of choral and instrumental music experiences including such examples as award-winning and very popular middle and high school bands and dance teams, and all-level orchestra of over 100 students, and a variety of choirs and musical performances that showcase the amazing talents of both budding and polished young talents.   The addition of a top professional-grade recording studio at SHS will enhance these opportunities even more. And, with the expansion of our K-12 art program and a full-time dedicated instructor into our elementary schools and the addition of modern graphic arts facilities to our current contemporary art studios at the middle and high schools, few educational programs and environments will rival what SBPS has to offer! Speech, drama, forensics, art and music, and more all contribute to a comprehensive fine arts program at SBPS!

At the heart of any school district is its people. SBPS is able to attract the very best in all areas and it’s easy to see when one enters any of our schools. From the welcoming attitude of our secretaries in our school offices to our maintenance team that proudly cares for many tens of thousands of square feet of buildings and countless acres of lawns and fields, our support staff is driven by pride in excellence. Similarly, our teachers and principals approach their work with a districtwide commitment to “Every Child, Every Day” – our school district’s signature mission.


Gering Public Schools, located in Scotts Bluff County, is a comprehensive school system offering education to students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students identified with special needs are served through a special education program.

The district includes a preschool, four elementary schools, a middle school, a freshman academy, a high school, and an alternative high school.  Combined, these buildings house over 2,000 students.

Quality education begins with a quality staff. The District is proud of the energy, creativity, commitment, caring, and high standards for the professionalism displayed by its staff. The district employs approximately 300 staff members. Hiring procedures and annual evaluations maintain quality standards for personnel selection and continuing employment.

  • GPS has a quality and caring staff.
  • GPS provides an enriched and valuable education.
  • GPS students graduate college and career ready.
  • GPS students are connected with their community and school.
  • Providing a safe environment for students and staff is our priority.


The 2017 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco brings together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators to network and learn about the next wave of intelligent technology.  Students and staff from Gering Public Schools received an invitation to attend after being named one of three finalists in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow competition last year.  Attendees include staff member Brett Moser and students Eric Crane and Payton Welfl.

Gering High School won the state competition for the 2017-2018 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Education Contest.

Justin Reinmuth, the Gering High School teacher leading the team of students, said, “Winning the state competition two years running has been a great experience for the students at Gering. They’ve really embraced the project-based learning model, and love the technology we won last year to accomplish the various design problems presented in the class.”

With last year’s winnings, more than $150,000 from the national competition and the $25,000 as state champion the school purchased new technology and equipment. Click here to read the news article.



VALTS is a consortium made up of 9 area schools.

  • Gering High School
  • Mitchell High School
  • Scottsbluff High School
  • Bridgeport High School
  • Bayard High School
  • Kimball High School
  • Minatare High School
  • Morrill High School
  • Banner County High School

The student selection process for VALTS originates in the student’s home school district. Requirements for graduation from VALTS are the same as for all other students in their home district.