Who This Impacts

If you are a business in Western Nebraska there will be many business opportunities for small businesses.  These opportunities will exist with Northrop Grumman, their Prime Contractor, as well as other smaller contractors who are working in the area for this project.

Northrop Grumman is wanting to demonstrate to all the contractors that we have “quality of life”.  Their goal is to minimize turnover in their workforce by providing details on food, drinks, entertainment and recreational opportunities in the Western Panhandle.

Northrop Grumman is currently starting a list of vendors so that even if a vendor/supplier is not contracted, they will still have a list of all businesses in the Panhandle so they know exactly which businesses to reach out to for small or larger needs.  From catering and coffee shops to manufacturing shops, welders, and more they want to share your info. No matter what your business is, Twin Cities Development encourages you to register today.

In regards to workforce, the GBSD project is estimated to need around 3,500 skilled tradespeople.  Their current goal is to sourcing that with 10%-20% locally through the region if not more.  The primary skill sets they are needing plumbers/pipefitters, electricians, welders, and millwrights.  Local high schools as well as regional colleges will be working on workforce development opportunities to be able to source this need during 2023-2026.  If you are interested in participating in this work group, please contact Doug Mader with WNCC at maderd@wncc.edu or 308-630-6556.

To find out what YOUR next steps are to become listed as a vendor or supplier with Northrop Grumman, please visit our Your Next Steps page.